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Smart Cities,

Smart Futures

High Speed Transportation at its Core

Yea...we have heard about how autonomous automobiles and trucks, are the core of the smart city.  However, they will still be slow!  WE WANT TO MAKE CITIES MOVE FASTER!


High speed transportation (such as rail, maglev, or Hyperloops) can create new downtown areas.  From that station, the rest of the city can be built including smart communication, smart utilities, and transit-oriented development.
























Imagine leaving your home, taking an autonomous car to the high speed transport station where you arrive 5 minutes before the train arrives.  No checkin, no security, no waiting for your group to be called.  You simply wait for the train to arrive and the door open.  In minutes you are then traveling at over 200 mph through the countryside.  In just minutes you will arrive downtown for your afternoon of shopping or dining.









While this may sound futuristic, high speed tranportation being the core of a future city is nothing new.  Such cities as Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, San Franscisco, and Los Angeles were built all around the the high speed rail station.  We are just gonna go back to the future.

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