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Presentation by Sr. VP High Speed Rail Programs at Amtrak - Tonight at 6:45pm (Central Time) on Zoom

Simon Brugel via Wikimedia Commons

Meeting: Monday October 15th, 6:45pm, Online

Passcode: 700

Andy Byford, Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New Yor via Wikimedia Commons

Tonight we will be meeting with Andy Byford, Sr. VP of Amtrak's High Speed Rail Program. Mr. Byford was the former chief of New York's subway and buses, and most recently was in London where he oversaw the completion of the city's $22 billion Elizabeth Line. Today Mr. Byford is responsible for developing and implementing Amtrak's long-term strategy for high-speed rail. Most recently, Mr. Byford is leading the agreement with Amtrak and Texas Central Railways to help fund that project.

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The Faster Badger is produced by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to help break through the misconceptions of high-speed rail and high-speed transportation. This blog is for educational purposes only and all opinions presented are of the students.

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