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Fall 2021 Kickoff Meeting

Meeting Details:

In PERSON!: Sept 22nd: 6:30 Central

There will be no Zoom for this meeting (due to equipment)


Faster Headlines

Amtrak might add more than 50 new routes. But they still won't be faster than a car

CNN Business

Great article that explains why Amtrak is not competitive with automobiles and why Amtrak fails when it enters new markets. This is also why Americans have such a poor impression of Amtrak and high-speed rail.

Badgers and JR Central celebrate 20 years of high-speed internships

University of Wisconsin- Madison (article from 2 years ago)


House T&I Committee Advances $10 Billion for HSR

High Speed Rail Alliance

The people have spoken: Infrastructure means roads and bridges

The Hill


Virgin Hyperloop releases new video of 670 mph passenger pods


Inside Virgin Hyperloop, I glimpse our high-speed transport future



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