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Battery Day....and the train


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From the Captain: From Galaxy's Edge to Your Town

The future tech of Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is incredible.

No, I am not talking about tech behind the Millennium Falcon (SpaceX has been there, done that), or the tech behind an Imperial Star Destroyer on Rise of the Resistance. No, I am talking about the ride itself. Specifically, the battery operated trackless ride vehicles that carry riders throughout the Rise of the Resistance experience.

That is some awesome Technology!

The ride vehicles navigate the ride through magnets or RFID technology embedded in the floor. Computers then control all of the vehicles through the whole ride, directing the cars as neceesary.

The technology was first launched in warehousing with driverless fork lifts in the 1980s. Disney then launched the tech in Epcot (which seems fitting) with the Universe of Energy ride where the whole audience moves through a Jurassic Earth. Then came Twilight Zone Tower of Terror where the vehicles not only moved and navigated hallways, but would also attach to an elevator system….which brings us to Star Wars Rise of Resistance. Whereby do the vehicles no longer follow an embedded wire in the floor…rather a computer manages all of the vehicles over an area, allowing the vehicles to be truly trackless.

However, it’s the battery tech that is incredible. More specifically, how the batteries are recharges for a just a minute or two. Every time the vehicle stops to load/unload guests, a pad underneath the vehicle is wirelessly charging the vehicle. This strategic placing of pads is what keeps all of those vehicles constantly charged.

Imagine this technology with public transit. Hyperloop companies have already talked about doing this whereby each pod would leave the tube and drive down the street to your final destination. The Boring Company has also advertised its own version of such tech for its tunnels. More likely, we could see battery operated high speed trains which pull into the station and charging within the 15-30 minutes that the train is stationary.

Of course, this all depends on the battery technology, but imagine if Tesla announces the super light weight, super long range battery. We could all could get energized.

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Retro Travel:

Long before the seat back video system (or wi fi), was the onboard lounge. No, I am not talking about the United Club or the Delta Sky Club in the airport terminal, I am talking about the lounge onboard the aircraft.

Onboard lounges go back to the railroads and the "lounge car" where first class travelers would go on the train to socialize, enjoy the view, or a cocktail. This naturally led to these lounges being installed on aircraft later in the century.

Back in the 1970's nearly every US airline had lounges installed on their airplane. In fact the upper deck on the 747 was designed specifically to be a lounge for passengers (only later would it turn into actual seating). Today, not a single US carrier has a lounge. However, these lounges still exist a few international airlines have such onboard lounges such as Emirates, Etihad, and Virgin Atlantic. Unfortunately, you need a business class or first class ticket to access the bar, but one can dream.

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