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Like a Virgin? - August 25th

Meeting Agenda:

  • Start of school/administrative stuff

  • E-Bash Plan

  • Badgerloop

  • Construction Club

  • Train Summer T Shirts

  • Racine Visit


China has 36,000 km of High-Speed Railways by July


China targets big expansion of high-speed rail network


China Doesn't Need 125,000 Miles of Track

Bloomberg Opinion

High-Speed Rail Heats Up in California as Brightline Eyes Las Vegas Route Extensions


Elon Musk's mysterious desert tunnel: A superfast LA-Vegas link?


Michigan to build first-in-nation AV corridor from Detroit to Ann Arbor

Smart Cities Dive

High Speed Rail Became a Boondoogle When Politicians Changed It To Slow Speed Rail

CAL Matters

Richard Branson's Travel Empire is Crumbling. Only Space and Hyperloop Can Save it


Questionable News:

Global Hyperloop Technology Market Rising Exponentially at 35.23% in the Forecast Period of 2020 to 2027




Like a Virgin - How did the founder of a student magazine become the train, airline, Hyperloop, and space mogul we hear about today

There is something about transportation and empire building. Frequently we hear about Elon Musk (Tesla/Space X), Jeff Bezos (Prime Air, Drones), and even Donald Trump (Trump Shuttle [Airline]) attempting to add to transportation to the empires. There is something that attracts these individuals to start up their ventures and then move into transportation.

Some are extremely successful (thinking Space X here), and some fail miserably (Trump Shuttle), but there is one entrepreneur who is not a household name in the US, but his company is. In fact, what once started out as a simple student magazine in the 1960s turned into one of the largest global conglomerates in the world. Such companies that we are talking about include:

However, is this Virgin empire crumbling? That is a question that is being asked as Virgin Atlantic Airways goes into bankruptcy in England (called receivership) early next month. However, if there is one thing Richard Branson is known is being the true entrepreneur. He will take a failure and turn into a unrivaled success. So this is going to be interesting to watch, as well as another interesting chapter of Richard Branson's "Losing My Virginity".

Virgin America Safety Video #VXsafetydance

Is it the end of the Road for Virgin Atlantic?

Richard Branson, Building the Virgin Empire

Richard Branson Success Story | Virgin Group Founder Biography | Virgin Records | Startup Stories

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