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Internships & 
Badgerloop Feasibility

High Speed for Today's World

​​Imagine boarding a train that flies at over 300 mph in complete safety.  Where they only concern you has as a passengers is what movie to watch in the 45 minutes it takes to travel from Washington DC to New York.

Or imagine waking up in Chicago, having a morning meeting in Minneapolis, lunch in Madison visiting old college friends, stopping to shop in Milwaukee, and be home in Chicago in time for dinner. 


This is what the rest of the world enjoys today, and it is coming to the US.

Future Transportation

Of course, then there is the future transportation we are studying.  From Hyperloops to supersonic aircraft, we are not only studying these future high speed transportation projects, but are active participants in their creation:

Internship Program with Central Japan Railways

Since 2001, over 25 students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have had the honor of a lifetime of spending the summer observing every aspect of the operator of the original "Bullet Train" that operates from Tokyo to Osaka. These interns have the chance to experience every aspect of the company with the plan for them to assist in bringing this future technology to the United States.  Each of these interns get the chance to:

  • History of Japan and the Bullet Train

  • Visit the Yamanashi Training Center

  • Experience the 7 minute cleaning of a 1300 seat train

  • Visit operations center

  • Tour the training center

  • Live in a transit oriented development

  • Ride and Observe the Famous Dr. Yellow

Badgerloop Feasibility Tearm & Hyperloop Competition

Since 2016, WiHST has been part of the Space X Hyperloop competition as the Feasibility Team for the award winning Badgerloop Team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  From the beginning we have been looking at the feasibility of building Hyperloops.  From the cutting edge leviating technology, to desiging the infrastructure, to the economics of operating a Hyperloop; we have done it all. 

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